Confidentiality Policy

What happens if I talk to you about private things?

Anything you tell your worker will not normally be passed on to anyone else outside of 42nd Street (to parents, carers or other workers) unless you tell us it's OK.

Sometimes workers share things you tell them with other 42nd Street workers to make sure we can help you as best as possible. This only ever happens on a "need to know" basis.

The only times when we would have to pass something on or attempt to get in touch with you outside of the platform using the contact details provided is

  • We're worried you may seriously hurt yourself or someone else
  • You tell us someone is hurting you, or hurting someone else

If we haven't heard from you in a while and we concerned about something, we might also send a text message to let you know you have an unread message on the platform.

What do you do with my information?

We have to keep some personal information about you. This is so we can keep in touch with you and know what your needs are.

  • Contact info like name, adderss, e-mail etc., so we can get in touch if we need to
  • Basic information like age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality which can chose whether or not to give us
  • information about your needs like wellbeing questionnaires and worker's notes to help us know your needs

All this information is secure and held in a database, only seen by 42nd Street workers. 

Can I see my information?

Yes, you can ask to see any information we hold on you.

Simply ask your counsillor or therapist about this, e-mail onlineteam@42ndstreet.org.uk or ask in writing at 42nd Street, the SPACE, 87-91 Great Ancoats Street, Mancehster M45AG

Is working online secure?

We make sure any information we hold on you is secure and safe in our database.

It's worth thinking about what equipment you're using to access our site though. Sometimes public PCs (in libraries for example) or PCs in schools, coleges or universities have monitoring software installed that might compromise your confidentiality.

You can ask the person in charge of It or use your own equipment to access the site. 

You can also use the "exit site" button to leave the page you're on at any time.

How do I make a complaint if I have to?

If you're ever unhappy about something we've done or the service you've received you can always talk to your worker about it. If that doesn't work or you're not comfortable doing that you can tell us about your experience in a few different ways

  • Use the "I want to give feedback" button on the homepage
  • E-mail onlineteam@42ndstreet.org.uk 
  • Contact us in writing at 42nd Street, the SPACE, 87-91 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester M45AG. You can addres it to our Chief Executive directly too.

If we receive a complaint we will

  • Reply within 3 days to let you know we've received it
  • Get a senior manager look into it for you
  • Our Chief Executive will write to you or meet with you within 28 days