What is Online Support?


42nd Street supports young people aged 11-25 across Greater Manchester with emotional well-being and mental health. Our online Counselling is a free and friendly service for young people in Salford aged 16-25.


  • Provide a safe online space to help you talk about difficult things that you might be facing in your life. We'll allocate you a trained practitioner who will listen and support you, without judgement.

  • Rather than talking about your problems face to face, you can type them out, or use artwork or videos or other resources to talk about how you're feeling.

  • Instead of using video like skype, we offer online counselling via private, confidential messages which are sent between you and your counsellor.


Most of the time, it can feel possible to manage in difficult times, especially if you have good support from family and friends. However sometimes things don’t get better and if you feel so low, stressed, worried or angry that it is having a big impact on your life you might need some extra help to get back on track.

You might feel like counselling is an option, but find the thought of sitting in a room with a counsellor feels a bit daunting. Perhaps you’re finding that practical things are stopping you, like finding time to make an appointment, trouble arranging childcare or physical issues which make it hard to get out and about. We understand that opening up to someone for the first time can be extremely difficult and for some young people, taking the first step can take time

That’s where online support comes in. We believe in giving you a choice about what kind of support you receive, so that you can get things off your chest in your own time, on your own terms. Find out more about how that works here.