What is Online Support?

Online Support is text-based one to one support you access through your computer, phone or tablet. You can chat to your worker online, communicating on this platform via our text based chat.

Why is it useful? Well, we're all aware accessing services can be difficult at the moment with Coranvirus measure across the country. But also if you live far away from any wellbeing or mental health services you could use face-to-face, or you struggle going outside, or simply like the idea of getting help in your own home, this can be a flexible way of getting support. Some people find it's a a good first step towards face-to-face therapies too.

You can watch our short video on how the platform works HERE

You register on our site, telling us a bit about what you need support with and we connect you with a worker. Once you've made contact, you then arrange your next 'appointment' online. You can send one or more messages, and then your worker responds to you. You will probably agree at the beginning how many sessions you might have, but don't worry if you're not sure, your worker can offer you guidance with this.