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Understanding and managing low mood

Young People Health and Wellbeing

Low mood can impact all of us at times, but sometimes it can feel it's in control of our lives more than we are.

This workshop is about living with the ups and downs of low mood. We'll look at recognising what happens in those down times and share tools others have found helpful to stop things spiralling.

  • Chat with others who understand your experiences
  • Share what's worked for you and hear what's helped others
  • Understand what's happening when these low moods hit

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Tricky Topics: exploring gender and sexuality

Young People life and wellbeing

So what is gender? What does non-binary mean? How can trans means different things to different people? Where does sexuality fit in all this?

Stuff about gender and sexuality makes headlines a lot these days, and sometimes it can get pretty confusing to unpick. It's become a pretty political subject, but what does it mean to you? What does it mean to your friends?

We're going to explore what gender and sexuality mean, and give an opporunity to ask questions you might not feel you've been able to before. Join us!

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